Somewhere in Between

by Life Betrays Us

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"Somewhere in Between" was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Life Betrays Us and Stu McKay at Studio 6 during the summer of 2016.


released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Life Betrays Us London, UK

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Track Name: Unjust

Because I know what I heard and I know what
I seen, allegiance to the man, fuck your beliefs,
No reason, no regret, no going too far, what's
the definition of who you are...
Delve deep into numbers just people under threat,
plead wise to their bargains give up self-respect,
Temptation to meet targets to fulfill the vision,
no room for maneuver on indecision...

Constructed a state that violates us,
Give up,
Lay down

Hands up to bureaucrats and forgot your rights...
Fuck you!
This leads us to, your endless lust for power,
hide behind the red tape
Because your just a fuckin coward
You throw the book and lives you break, and feed
us numbers you know are fake
And I fail to see how you can sleep,
devoid of emotions as you crush families,
how thin the line that you have drawn,
that you can even tell right from wrong...

You throw and throw and throw your shit,
hoping that something will stick,
The hidden hand..violates us
Know what I heard and what I have seen walking
around looking mean, fear is the climate you created
The role in which you play is one that shoulders trust ...
Why is it your actions are...

Broken trust
Track Name: Deceit

Sometimes I wish I was blinded by the things
that I've seen because the world's been stripped
of decency,
Want us to vote so their visions can come into
play I wish that one would do the things they say,
Broken promises to folk like you and me...
If I cut you now? Would you bleed?
I feel the noose so tight at the end of the rope...
Now choke
I'm searching for, been searching for...
Truth that feeble minds will not endure,
Blinded by what they choose not to see?
Truth is lost in...deceit...
Corrupted schemes and corporations greed
trading lives commodities
exist to prosper till plans go bust?
That's why we don't trust
Next a thought for our judicial system...
lie in wait to turn men into victims
Bleed us dry until we're broke...
then they watch us choke
Then they watch us choke
Lives go up in smoke
and they watch us choke
Lives go up in smoke

Truth shrouded by...deceit

Been imprisoned by capitalism
the ones who built the path become the victims
Legal system that's so badly broke..bleeding us dry...they tighten the rope..and we choke
We feel the rope, and we choke ...
Track Name: Bad Decisions
Bad Decisions

Forced to the edge
Forced back to the edge of life mother fucker
Forced to the edge
Oooh, shit mother fucker...Forced back to the edge
of life...I shudder
(Till I) Chosen my path to the end
I chosen...
I break the bonds, the chains that choke till the end...
(Learned) from what I seen
Who I've been
Wounds still bleed ...till the end
Another man fall off the side..
But till the day I die, I chose life..

And on the quest through life,
I finally found my mission...
And on the way, I made some bad Decisions...
I stay true to myself the man
that I built has taken form...
And with my head held high ...I stand strong. need to pretend, some burned bridges
and I can't make amends,
Choices shape boundaries too...
Won't step over these lines


No hate can force us to flake,
We are blessed for life, so we build we don't take,
Everything we have is something that we make,
Trust me when I say,
We don't want none of your cake
Ignorance thrives, destroys many lives,
Rich people won't ever feel our vibes,
Prepared for the worst,
Won't ever see us cry,
Aim for the best
Climb till we're up high
Track Name: The Price
The Price

As I raise myself from the pit of serpents
Still ask myself..was it worth it?
Did I make another bad decision?
Questioning my own convictions
Was I wrong to stand and fight?
And give up my human rights?
Protect myself..was that a crime?

Pressure builds all the time,
am I a victim of my own crime?
Am I guilty by design?
Feels like I'm already doing time

Refuse to fall...
I will fight...
Won't give human rights

Is this the sum of all my worth?
Discarded face down in the dirt?
I'm not guilty by design
Won't be a victim of your crime

No guarantees freedom has a price
No guarantees freedom has a price
Track Name: Numbers Game
Numbers Game

Once your in
No way out

Here's your chance to be one with the modern world's elite
No longer push you round
They'll soon grovel at your feet
and once the in the streets will be paved ...
the price? Just your small human soul
Just one thing...morality removed from life
Their not men..just sequences fall in line...

Fall in line!

The numbers game, the rules are pretty simple &
plain..tie all loose ends up and up again
Don't question why as you'll start from go again...
just keep the numbers adding up and sherk the blame
A simple tip? To make it to the top?
Set those sights and keep them locked,
Keep it real simple and add him to the top because
the sands of time ain't never gonna stop...

Try all you can they won't stop,
Once your names in the system it never gets dropped,
Make up your mind real quick.
As they'll take and they'll take all of your shit...
And they'll scream beg repentance...
Swallow your pride to reduce your sentence.

Beg for repentance
Live your life sentence...

Now you waste your life just thinking,
how you got in and you'll never get out
Now you waste your life just thinking
how you got in and you'll never get out

Trapped inside this cage with no walls,
don't know how I got in, but I'll never get out...
Track Name: Somewhere in Between
Somewhere in Between

Cast my soul into the dirt
But I won't do the devil's work
Impeded pathways ahead of me...
Voices mixing truth and deceit

Walls have been built, not all from concrete
Some shackles are steel and some we can't see...
Is this the way that scriptures for seen?
Is this hell or a place between
Demons they arise,
search for souls in the dark of night
Soldiers of the night,
come through in numbers no escape
You scream out to God, what were you in visioning?
That today would be the day that's he'd be listening?
Your souls what they seek, constrict like serpents,
harming the flesh to fulfill the purpose
Life or death? Could it be? Somewhere in between?
Demons awaken and souls are forsaken
Your souls is light, you have the heart,
tell yourself to carry on!
To carry on!

The stage is set as they draw near, closer the stench,
thrive off your fear, posing as men? Adorn robes or
plain clothes..sentence you now destined to burn
Burn and burn and burn and burn
Burn up your hopes burn up your dreams....
Release your fucking screams